is a collection of various local portals for people of Indian origin living in various cities across US. All sites under provides you complete information on Indian Discussions,  Indian Events, Indian Classifieds, Indian Roommates, Travel Companions, Movies from India, Indian Yellow pages, India Local singles and a lot of other topics of relevance to USA Indian (NRI) Desi Community. We have portals for Indians in Major US Cities and have been serving Indian community for past 13 years.

Our Management Team:

Navita Batra
Navita has over 15  years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations. Prior to starting (, Navita worked at Pyramid Breweries in Seattle, YWCA in Seattle, Sterling Holiday Resorts, India. Navita holds a B.A from India and an MBA from City University, WA. A Business professional with a passion and drive to connect the Indian community in US. Over past 13 years she has consistently beaten her goals and developed a network of Indian community portals across various cities in US. She has a talent for tough and effective decision making in complex business situations. Deep understanding of the South Asian audience, print media and online media space.



Advisory Board:  

Anil Batra Anil has over 19 years of experience in Consulting, Business Intelligence, Web Analytics, Online Advertising and Behavioral Targeting. Anil holds a B. Tech in Electronics from India, MS Engineering from USA and an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle. He has worked with global organizations in US, Canada, UK, Europe, India and Middle East. Anil helps companies use Web channel data to improve online business results. In past, Anil has worked at Pop, ZeroDash1 (a company he co-founded and then sold to Ascentium, Bellevue), ZAAZ, a web analytics consulting firm, and Revenue Science (formerly digiMine), a Behavioral Targeting company. Anil has helped several fortune 500 customers effectively use web analytics and increase their ROI on the web. Anil has worked with customers such as Microsoft,, ESPN, T-Mobile, Hoovers, Real networks, Starbucks, and Anil is the author of one of the top Blogs in Web Analytics and Behavioral Targeting and speaker at various online marketing conferences. He speaks at various Internet Marketing and Web Analytics conferences. Anil has served on the Board of Web Analytics Association. You can find Anil on Twitter at @anilbatra

Sanjay Pathak
Sanjay has over 19 years of experience in Technology and Management consulting. Sanjay has extensive experience in Six Sigma, Lean, Process Improvement, BPM, Enterprise Performance Management, IT Strategy , IT management and product development. Sanjay has Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Old Dominion University and MS from IIT Kanpur.