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Rohan-Rohan urge women to seize power with Pori Ladhayacha Shik

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To support women, this Women's Day, the popular musician duo, Rohan and Rohan, have composed and sung a special song "Pori Ladhayacha Shik" and hope it will inspire and encourage them.

About it came about, Rohan Rohan say, "This idea was brought to us by Pushkar Jog who is an actor in Marathi industry and very famous. He came up with the concept that let's go and make something on the current scenario and also how we can make a song to empower and inspire. He came up with the lyrics and said that we have to make a very powerful track something like rap and give the message which says Pori Ladhayacha Shik that means girl learn to fight."

Speaking about what made them do this song, they say, "We feel that as people who work in media, we owe this message to the people of the country and that it has to be sent out. Who knows even if one woman, one girl listens to this song and develops strength or gets inspired then our message is successful."

Sharing the experience of working on the song Rohan Gokhale further added,"We enjoyed working on this song. We have sung it. Most of the part of rap is done by Rohan Pradhan. It is necessary because there are still many things which haven't changed. I mean Nirbhaya case is still not solved though the warrants have been issued but hanging just gets postponed."

Rohan Gokhale and Rohan Pradhan AKA Rohan-Rohan are popular Indian music director duo of Hindi and Marathi films. They are known for their work in Marathi and Hindi films including Sanju, Ventilator, Bucket List, Thackeray amongst others


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