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Weekly Horoscope

Sun Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Sandeep Bhargava : 1/22/2021 - 1/28/2021

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Sandeep Bhargava
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): No major deal will likely to come up for businesspersons this week. At work, you will have difficulties in completing your tasks. You will stand a very good opportunity to gain through inheritance. You will be able to satisfy to quench your desires to indulge in your personal shopping. Make sure to invest your money safely. Some unexpected health issue may catch up with you here. Take due preventive measures.Lucky Day: Tuesday Lucky color: Red

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): There will be a lot of commotions in your routine work. This means you will have a challenging time to perform effectively. You'll experience some difficulties in your financial front. Monetary gains will be irregular and you'll not be able to live very comfortably. Refrain from taking decisions related to major financial involvement for now. Some old already cured health issue can stage a comeback and cause you inconvenience. Remain alert about experiencing symptoms of any illness and contact your physician.Lucky Day: Monday Lucky color: Orange

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Businesspersons need to look for drastic and effective changes in their strategy to promote their prospects. With a tremendous amount of hard work, you are sure to succeed. There will pressure from family members to tie the knots with the person of their choice. You'll not be able to accept the proposal as you'll be busy with job-related problems. With regards to differences with one in a close relationship, you may not be eager to resolve an issue. Health wise, this week is great for you. You will have enough vitality and strength to work tirelessly. Those with weak digestive system need to remain careful.Lucky Day: Friday Lucky color: Yellow

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): You will earn encouraging monetary gains and this will assist you to look after any incidental expenses. However, you must not think of any investment for now. Singles will not be inclined to make a long-term commitment for now. You will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with near ones in a relationship. You will have a good health and an excellent state of mental happiness. Continue to fill your mind with positive thoughts as it will lead to better health.Lucky Day: Sunday Lucky color: Pink

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Businesspersons in overseas trade will have a favorable opportunity to strike a profitable deal. However, negotiations will prolong for a long time. You need to remain patient when things do not go your way at the workplace. You take care of your finances with due intelligence. You will have enough finances to handle your needs in the first few days of the week. Singles will be keen on developing a serious long-term relationship. You will be successful in resolving differences with ones in close relationship amicably. The harmony and warmth will be restored.Lucky Day: Thursday Lucky color: White

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): A healthy week is in store for you once again. No noticeable gain for now. Make sure to take decision in matters related to finance after due deliberation. Do not spend on unnecessary things. You will do a great job at work and your efficiency will increase. Over weekend, you will remain concerned over some issue with one in close relationship. Handle the situation patiently without pushing your views on the other person.Lucky Day: Saturday Lucky color: Violet

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): There will be a constraint in the flow of money this week. You will be able to live comfortably within your means but you will not be able to spend on entertainment and other pleasures of life. You need to stick to the present field of activity wholeheartedly. Employed one will be uncomfortable at work. No major illness is going to trouble you. Singles will not be able to devote enough time to shape an intimate relationship. With regards to relationships, old relations may fade away giving way to a new meaningful relationship.Lucky Day: Wednesday Lucky color: Green

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): You will sail in a better health condition this week. You will feel energetic and lively for a long time.You'll grow in your career prospects and lady luck will shine upon you.You may need to work for extended hours to meet scheduled deadline and you'll be rewarded for your hard work. There will be a sudden shortage of financial gains for you so you need to handle matters related to financial involvement very carefully. Refrain from fresh long term investment for now.Lucky Day: Tuesday Lucky color: Blue

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Businesspersons need to aim for some creativity to increase your sales and profit. This will make your base strong enough. Career oriented ones need to strive for precision and perfection in the work. Do not be satisfied with the mediocre type of work. Financial front will be stable but avoid making any fresh financial investments for now. In health, there is a possibility that some old malady that had seemed to be cured may crop up again in a mild form. Watch out for the symptoms and quickly take some action to curb it.Lucky Day: Saturday Lucky color: Green

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Take a pause and re-evaluate your past decisions and strategy that was adopted. Mark out any flaws in your previous planning and think of due improvements to be implemented in future. Your financial position will be strengthen. However, it will take a long time to see the results physically. Make sure to save enough for the future. Single ones will have to work hard and do something extraordinary to woo the person of your dreams. Spend quality time to maintain warmth and harmony in relationships.Lucky Day: Thursday Lucky color: White

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Some already cured illness will once again appear causing you worries. Remain watchful and consult a good doctor to help you root out the issue. It will be a gainful period for businesspersons. You will receive a rich harvest from previous investments and savings. Those at work will come across a good opportunity to exhibit hidden talent. You will remain in a healthy position on the financial front. Save deliberately for the future.Lucky Day: Monday Lucky color: Orange

PISCES (Febraury 19 to March 20): Businessperson and professional will be fortunate enough to strike some profitable deals and they will keep benefiting for a long time. There will ample of opportunities to make some monetary gains. However, you will have to make use of these opportunities. Any negligence in responding can result in loss of the opportunity. So remain vigilant and be ready to work hard. In relationship, do not hold a grudge with a person who has differences with you. Raise your level of compatibility for a long relationship.Lucky Day: Friday Lucky color: Red

Profile of Sandeep Bhargava:
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava is a man of pure intellect and spirituality is an exemplary character in the field of astrology. He was only 14, when he started practicing astrology and now he has over 22000 followers all over the world. A true devotee of the goddess named 'Kamakhya', he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. From successful TV shows in India to invigorating radio shows in UAE his achievements are countless. He has also featured in several magazines throughout the globe.

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