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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
04/13/1699 Khalsa Panth established.
04/13/1772 Warren Hastings, who became the president of their Bengal Council, was appointed in the court of Directors of the East India Company.
04/13/1796 The first elephant was brought to America from Bengal, India.
04/13/1851 Ganga Ram, great social reformer and an assistant engineer in the Public Works Department, Punjab, was born at Mangtanwala, now in Pakistan.
04/13/1889 Balkrishna A. Pillai, litterateur and journalist, was born.
04/13/1890 Ramchandra Gopal Torne (Dadasaheb), film director, was born.
04/13/1919 Jallianwala Baug massacre. The great Indian tragedy occured in Amritsar which claimed 389 lives and wounded 1,516 activitists fighting for Indian independence. Early in 1919, the Rowlatt Act (Black Act) was passed. This authorized the Government to imprison any person without any trial and conviction in a court of law. This furious act was under the guidence of cruel Brigedier General R. E. H. Dyer and his 50 men troop. Michael O' Dwyer was then the Governor of Punjab who naturally defended the action. This day is observed as Jallianwala Baug Day.
04/13/1940 Najma Heptulla, Vice President of Rajya Sabha, was born.
04/13/1947 Diplomatic relations between India and Russia established.
04/13/1948 Bhuvaneshwar became the capital of Orissa.
04/13/1963 Babu Gulab Rai, famous hindi critic, passed away.
04/13/1971 Carlton Chapman, Indian Soccer (Football) player, was born in Bangalore, Karnataka.
04/13/1972 Balraj Sahani, famous film actor, passed away.
04/13/1982 Bindeshwari Prasad Mandal passed away.
04/13/1982 Pandit Parmanand, founder member of `Gather Party', passed away.
04/13/1984 India beat Pak by 58 runs to win the first Cricket Asia Cup in Sharjah.
04/13/1984 Kerala Government drops Silent Valley Project and declares the entire area a national park.
04/13/1988 Mother Teresa asks Margret Thatcher for help to set up a hostel for London's elderly homeless in UK.
04/13/1989 Malayalam film 'Piravi' directed by Shaji N. Karun adjudged best feature film of 1988.
04/13/1993 Bhupan Hazarika wins Phalke Award for 1992.
04/13/1993 Lalitadevi Shastri passed away.
04/13/1994 United Arab Emirates lost to India in its first official ODI.
04/13/1997 Anand wins Dos Hermanas chess crown.
04/13/1997 Paes-Bhupathi corner doubles glory in the Gold Flake Open tennis in Chennai.
04/13/1999 D. Sripada Rao, former Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, is shot dead by People's War Group naxalites near Annaram village in Karimnagar district.


Other Historical Dates and Events
11/16/1913Agnihotri Ambadas Shankar, journalist and litterateur, was born.
04/17/1975Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, India's second president, died at Madras.
11/11/1958Inauguration of 'Indian', first one in Indian Explosive Ltd's factory at Gomia.
04/05/1979First Naval Museum of India established in Bombay.
06/27/1995Environmentalist and 'Chipko' leader, Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna ends the 49-day old fast in demand for a scientific review of the controversial Tehri dam project in UP.
02/22/1946Curfew imposed till 9 p.m. by the British in Bombay as rioting and looting continued for the second day.
10/14/1989Election Commission accepted Shiv Sena as a political party.
11/25/1992Mamata Banerjee, Union Minister of State for Sports, resigns to fight Bengal CPM.
01/20/1952Vasant Patankar, famous Marathi writer, was born.
12/03/1992Indian, UN Operations in Mozambique begins (ONUMOZ - Dec 92 to Oct 94)