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How to Prep Your Home For Sale

Contributed by : Jayshree Reddy
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Getting top dollar for your home is not easy, while you can list your home at the click of a button on eBay or Zillow, only a local expert can tell you what local preferences are. A real estate agent can help maximize the value of your home.
Some things to keep in mind to get your home ready for a sale:
1.Identify repairs and plan
2.Declutter the home
3.Gather warranties for all appliances
4.Boost your curb appeal
5.Look up your address
Identify Repairs and plan
Your first step is to inspect your home and fix small or large repairs that are needed. Broken windows, leaky roofs, plumbing and repairs to the porch. Polishing your flooring and make sure your home is worth the investment versus looking like a liability. Show that the home has been well cared for.
Declutter the home
Go through your closets, desks, drawers, kitchen give away stuff you don't need. Take away any personal belongings and put them in storage till you are ready to move. This increases the potential of a buyer visualizing the home to fit their needs. Keep the house airy and spacious.
Gather warranties for all appliances
If the appliances come with the home, make sure you have the warranties ready for the buyer. In all the hectic must do lists, you don't want to forget these important documents to hand off to the buyer.
Boost your curb appeal
Pressure wash the exterior of your home, make sure your roof looks clean, the first thing people notice when they drive up is the roof. Remove everything that isn't a part of your landscape, Christmas lighting, wind chimes, bells, and whatever personal decor you may have. Check the driveway and porch for cracks. A clean landscape and porch are appealing to most buyers.
Look up your address
Look up your address online and make sure you correct any outdated facts about your home and correct any mistakes about the floor plan of the house. Include all new update you have made and work with your real estate agent to market your house online heavily.
I do hope this has been informative, please do write to me at for any further questions or contact me at Jayshree Reddy - 408-489-6812. I'm a real estate specialist based in San Jose, California.

About Author
I Live in San Jose. After a Long stint in Tech & Education moved to Real Estate in, Bay Area California.

I hope my expertise will come of help to you and you loved ones.



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