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Jyotish - The Eyes Of Vedas

Contributed by : Sanatan Dharm Mandir
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Vedic astrology is the modern name for an ancient system of astrology known in Sanskrit as "Jyotish" - "Jyoti" being light and "isha" being lord. Jyotish thus translates into "the Lord of Light" or "the Knowledge of Light" that helps reveal one's inner Divine light.  It saves people from the darkness of hardships, miseries and different fatal accidents of life.
Owning a car doesn't mean that the owner will be able to drive it successfully. Before sitting on the driver seat one has to learn the use of accelerator, steering wheel, breaks, indicators and other accessories. Even then some times, lack of proper maintenance or mishandling of vehicle compels us to go to a Machanic for repair and maintenance.

The same thing happens in life. A capable astrologer narrates about do's and don'ts of your life. We often reduce or deteriorate our prospects of the life, which destiny has granted upon us, by our deeds. An astrologer can suggest us which actions we should avoid to get full favor of stars. A perfect and timely suggestion can provide us some relief.

Spirituality is the basis of Jyotish and the reading is designed to reveal the inner person. Change the inner person and outer life will also change.

By looking at the planets, the 12 houses and their relationship in the astrology chart one can determine health tendencies and causes, dharma, things that make relationships spiritual and how to better grow on one's spiritual path.

Every person has some strong and some weak planets. Each planet, when weak and influencing health-related houses can cause specific disease. What is unique about Vedic astrology is that instead of merely informing a person what the chart says and let it go at that, Jyotish offers simple therapies to remove the troubling effects of planets.
Therapies include mantras, yantras, meditations and rituals, herbs, aromas, gems, lifestyle and spiritual suggestions. Therefore, Ayurveda and Jyotish offers therapies so people can take control of their lives and help achieve healing, happiness and prosperity.

About Author
Sanatan Dharm Mandir is a direct result of the vision and dedication of Devotees and Pt.Guru S.R.Shastri ji and the members of the Hindu community. On October 4, 2008 the doors of Sanatan Dharm Mandir opened to all.

Sanatam Dharm Mandir is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in South King County .It was built on the enthusiasm of many in the hopes to prosper on the devotion of all. With this in mind we established the following Mission, Vision, and Cultural statements.

Mission - It is our mission to create and maintain a Sanatan Dharm Mandir so that the ancient Vedic culture and wisdom may stay in the hearts of all for generations to come.

Vision - It is our vision to unite all individuals by the common wisdom that can be found within Sanatan Dharma.

Culture - As a temple, we are determined to create an atmosphere that promotes cultural awareness by organizing cultural programs and events. We wish for all individuals to be part of one community tied together by the wisdom derived from Sanatan Dharm.



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